Friday, January 9, 2009

The Memphis Grizzlies Have A Modest Request: "Go F*ck Yourself, Portland, Oregon."

You'll have to forgive that many Anchorman references inside of a week, cats and kittens, but sometimes, they're just called for. And when a team signs a player the same day a letter is distributed threatening any team that signs him, well, that's pretty much the professional basketball equivalent of "Yeah, why don't you trade this for a solid array of picks and role players?"

Now, Memphis did this because Darko's still on the shelf and they're getting murdered on the boards. They did this because they need cheap players to fill the roster and provide some perspective for the kiddos. And they did this because they felt they could help their team.

But the fact that this puts a big Grizzlie foot right in the Wonder Team's crotch?

That ain't bad, either.

Pritch, you've done so well, man.

Pride goeth before the fall, Manager Man. And if this wasn't your doing, you need to get that owner and the staff back in the stable. Now.

Hat Tip: 3Shades, of course.

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