Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Not Sure Anyone Could, Or Would, Want to Make This Up

Do you ever get deja vu? You get a glimpse of maybe one specific action at a particular location, a facial expression from a familiar person during a conversation, or maybe just a series of words in a particular order? Happens to me a lot, actually. About two weeks ago I had a dream - nay, a nightmare - in which the following lines were softly spoken gently to me from across a carpet of rose petals: "Look at me, [Rob], look" and "Come and touch it, Rob." Eddy Curry smirked as he stood naked beneath an oversized bathrobe. I woke up, heart beating out of my chest and sweating like an Eddy Curry after his 2 minutes of PT against Dallas, and frantically brainstormed ideas to pick apart my hippocampus with a chopstick and forget everything that I thought I saw.

So imagine my surprise to hear that our good friend Eddy has allegedly sexually harassed his former driver -- a man, not that there's anything wrong with that -- and threw in some pretty racially insensitive comments as well. But for your sake, read the ever-dubious NY Post's take on it as well as the report from Newsday. There's (allegedly) some big money, armed weaponry, racial slurs aplenty, and denials, denials, denials. They read more like pulp fiction or the script to a Lifetime original movie than news articles. But as the title to this post suggests, I have just one question: why on earth would anyone want to make this up? Suppose for a second that Curry is completely innocent, and the entirety of the situations described were flat-out lies. If you're David Kuchinsky, Curry's driver, couldn't you come up with a scenario or a story that doesn't involve you conjuring up visages of Curry's man parts for testimony? Or why would your mind even go there in the first place? I'm not saying that Curry is innocent, or guilty, or whatever, I'm just...sayin'.

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