Monday, January 5, 2009

He Finally Scores - But In The Wrong Basket

I only hope that our boy Antoine was, ahem, "pulling a Chuck" when this happened. Not sitting around, trying to figure out what to do with all the free time on his hands. Yeah, the same free time he's had for about 4 seasons.

On the other hand, old dude was out til near 6am. All that rest and relaxation he gets on the bench must make him an all night party fiend. BTW, just out of curiosity, wouldn't it be wild if the cop knew it was Walker by his infamous bumper sticker "I'd Rather Be Riding The Pine"?

Again, jokes aside, we are sad to see this happen. At least everyone was safe. Well, except for Walker - who will give his millions of critics even more firepower. Maybe he should sit at home in his basement, in his underwear, and blog. That way you don't put your life in danger. Well, except when you piss off Jazz fans. YIKES!

Photo H/T: Hoopsvibe. And no, we are not insinuating that this would be the kind of girl that he might be "Chuck"ing. It's only a pic.

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