Friday, January 2, 2009

Bloggers Are Real Hoomans

I wanted to send a belated, and much appreciated, Hat Tip to David Arnott (pictured above) - lover of the Bobcats, blogger extraordinaire and all-around awesome dude - with whom I had the pleasure of meeting and talking ball this past Tuesday.

I was in Charlotte for New Year's Eve partying and made my way to Bobcats arena to check out the Bobcats/Knicks game. Any time I make trips to NBA cities, I always at least try to meet up with some of the folks we link, debate, gain insight and laugh with on a daily internet basis. If you aren't reading David's stuff, you should be. He has a great beat on the league in general and some fantastic insights into what currently is/is'nt working with the Bobcats and how they can (not necessarily will) fix it. He's funny and has a great, patient girlfriend who let us sit there and toss out blogger talk and NBA jokes for a couple quarters. These women that choose to be with us blogger types, they are saints.

Next on my list are San Antonio, Salt Lake City and LA - cause we are on such good terms with bloggers of those cities' teams. Fun Times!

Also, Mike D'Antoni is gorgeous in person. Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest.

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