Friday, January 2, 2009

Bad Luck for Chuck

I can tell you a great way to get the youth vote, do something like this.

Look, let's be real about this. Drunk Driving is stupid, reckless and dangerous. I am not condoning it, or maligning the cavalier callousness of young people (or older people who still behave awesomely irresponsible). But, if there were ever a good excuse to do something that stupid, Barkley nailed it (no pun intended... maybe).

The only good thing to come out of this, besides every single sentence written about the incident, is that is happened over the holiday break and it will be underreported. Barkley has this superhuman-like quality to avoid any sort of profound damage in the court of public opinion. Perhaps that is what allows him to use such gross miscalculations in judgement on a somewhat regular basis; however, one must still marvel at how little the man is reviled and held accountable for his actions. If this were a Stephon Marbury or Screamin' A. faux pas, they would be pilloried. Chuck just sold some more posters in college dorms and now has a distinct, albeit distant, possibility that he might be getting a new butt tattoo (ed. note: I don't see how the cop could turn that offer down. At least get him to follow through on it before you arrest him. Heck, take him to the parlor on the way to the jail. This is an enormous missed opportunity).

We here at HP love Barkley and we want to see and hear more from him. But incidents like this seriously jeopardize his future ambitions and national visibility. It's great to be funny, but not when the jokes are on yourself. So, if the, ahem, outcome of the previous encounter with this lady was so good that Charles had to drunkenly drive back to get some more, use all that money that didn't go to pay off gambling debts to get a cab. And while you're at it, have another beer (since you won't be putting others in danger) - it'll make you last longer.

Oh yeah, and on second thought, maybe I WILL be going to Arizona for the All Star game. It sounds enticing.

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