Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 Footer 1.15.09

Vince Carter is the New Jan Brady
Portland @ New Jersey - 7:30pm EST

Even Matt Moore has given it up to Vince-anity this year. He and Harris are, legitimately, one of the best backcourt duos in the league (well, sans Vince's lightswith defense). But he has been on a tear. The Nets are even holding on to that always valubale "sub-.500 record but we still have the 7th seed," um, 7th seed in the East. But Vince gets no love. People are more excited about Brook Lopez dropping 31 on the Thunder, Devin Harris hitting this, or sugraplum dreams about LBJ coming to town. Well, this is the one 15 Footer a year where we say "Well done, Vince." (what? I tried to leave the hate in 2008... temporarily, of course) Now watch out for Roy, Aldridge and Oden, as they want to eat you up and on their way to a winning East Coast road trip.

What's That? Oh, I'm Sorry. I Couldn't Hear You. I Was Too Busy Feating On Your Innards.
Cleveland @ Chicago - 8:00pm EST - TNT

This is the last rung in the ladder for Lebron. He has been torching competition this year. His team is, now, the odds on favorite to win the East. He has Kobe coming up this weekend. He is better than the entire Cleveland Browns. This is the last chance for him to tune his machine before the entire NBA blogosphere zeroes in their sights on what is being whispered about as "The Passing of the Torch." But the mark of true greatness is the ability to remain focused and not let your head or your heart leap ahead to the bigger game on the horizon.

In other news, Ty Thomas just found a 4 leaf clover, attached to a rabbit's foot, underneath a horseshoe. You are just the baked appetizer before the main course of Laker filet. Should be nice and painless. I also wouldn't be surprised if every single time Lebron wanted to shoot a jumper he ran right at Larry Hughes and launched them in his face. You know, just because... if Vinnie plays him.

This One's For The Purists
Phoenix @ Denver - 10:30pm EST - TNT

This is reality. Both teams will try to "out tough" one another. The Suns will dump it to Shaq and try to rack up fouls on Nene, Marting and Birdman while Amare hangs out and waits to do his damage when the foul trouble mounts.
Billups will be working on burning Nash, getting to the line and feeding J.R. Smith for 3s.

Which team can outsimplify and force their style on the other? Just because it ain't your old Suns and Nuggets doesn't mean the game will be any less entertaining. We'll still be in the 100s, with plenty of chest thumping and stomping. Melo will wear a Craig Sager reject on the sidelines. (BTW, when you google "Carmelo+Red+Jacket, this is the first hit you get. Try it.) It will all be the same when the final buzzer goes off, but you will have no idea how we got there. Basketball in the Twilight Zone? Yes, please!

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