Thursday, December 25, 2008

You're Welcome, KG

A box sits under Kevin Garnett's metaphorical tree, this fine Christmas morn, and inside it is nothing other than the shattered remains of Jordan Farmar's knee. Merry Christmas, big guy.

Not only will Farmar miss today's game that will either "answer all questions," be "just another game," or be "a complete gimmick," but he'll also be sidelined for eight more weeks. Yikes. This Lakers team is extremely talented, although it pains me to say so, and are still considered the hands-down favorite to walk through the West relatively unscathed. But, I do know that this team is going to miss Jordan Farmar pretty badly. One of the differences between the Lakers we see before us and the squad that got embarassed by the Celtics in front of the whole cafeteria is Farmar's even-tempered play. He was good last season. He was fine. Dandy. But this season, though he's had his ineffective games, has really stepped up in terms of his decision-making. That's pretty big for a team that starts an older point guard, lacks other reliable options at the position, and runs the triangle offense, in which every player must be ready to hit the shot or make the right pass. Not that other offenses don't require their players to play intelligently, but, y'know.

So, if the Lakers lay an egg in their big game, it probably won't be because Farmar's telling his uncle to be careful and not bump his knee under the table. It'll probably be because the Lakers have had just one demonstrative defensive performance recently (luckily for them, it was their last contest against NOLA). But don't say that they won't miss him when POINT GUARD MACHINE jacks up a shot everytime his fingertips hit leather.

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