Tuesday, December 2, 2008

T-Mac: Peace Out

McGrady is out for three weeks. I, for one, am shocked.

But T-Mac injury jokes are old and boring, so let's ask the real question: where does this put the Rockets in the meantime? Luther Head has apparently jumped into the starting role, despite racking up 4 minutes in the game prior to T-Mac's absence and 5 straight DNPs before that. The question is...why on earth are you playing Luther Head, Adelman?

Unrelated question before I actually answer that question: doesn't Rick Adelman look like he was born to be a movie director? I don't even know why I think that. Probably the facial hair.

Luther Head can shoot, kinda, sometimes. Don't get me wrong, those days when he can shoot, he can really shoot. But with Aaron Brooks playing extremely well and Shane Battier creeping back into the lineup, I don't know that Head should be the solution at the 2 during McGrady's absence. His offense is spotty and his defense is worse. There have been times this season when the Rockets looked like they didn't even need T-Mac. But this isn't the time to get cocky. Houston is sitting just 2 games ahead of the 8th/9th place Spurs/Mavs, and you want to start establishing your dominance at this point. Houston hasn't been good. But they've got some major work to do if they intend on challenging the Lakers. Part of that work is winning every damn game they can so they don't have to play a tough team early; anyone from the Lakers to the Rocket-killing Jazz. The playoffs seem like centuries away right now, but for a team that has injury issues or at least problems with their karma, they need to rack up the wins as quickly and as often as they can. The way to do that is through defense, and the way to play good defense is to not play Luther Head. Well, to not play him as a starter, at least. Aaron Brooks has similar problems with size, but the combination of offensive stability and lack of matador D make him a better choice Head at this point (then again, that might be exactly why Adelman wants him with the second team). Battier is Battier, and when he's back in shape and ready to roll, he should probably jump into the starting five to keep the starting unit's defense strong. Battier and Crazy Pills locking down the wings is a frightening thought. No seriously, I think I had a nightmare about it last night: Battier had this crazy, crooked smile, a Fu Manchu, and was wearing that wicked red blazer. I kept trying to drive to the basket, but he was doing some strange jig while trying to trip and kick me, and Crazy Pills was a ten foot tall Looney Toon wrecking sh*t with anvils and dynamite and the like. I may or may not have wet myself.

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