Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smitch is Out, Bring Back the Cursing

Later, Sam.

What to say about Sam Mitchell. Well, I don't think he's necessarily a bad coach. I mean, he's not terrible. That's all I've got. But he was never Colangelo's choice to run the team, and to say that they were at odds would be putting it lightly. Maybe Smitch could've done better if he was in a position to succeed, with a likeminded front office and a hand-picked roster. Or maybe he's an unimaginitive mule who refused to budge and compromise to come to terms with the roster he had. Whatever, it's in the past. I'm sure Smitch will get another chance at the head coaching thing, with this strange inbred cesspool of recycled head coaches that we have.

But what to make of Jay Triano? Supposedly he wants the Raps to get out and run more. Stop me if you've heard this before. I'll believe it when I see it, and by that I mean I'll believe it if they're still running in three weeks. This post sounds really bitter and bad. But I had high hopes for the Raps coming into the season, and those hopes and dreams were crushed by their underwhelming output so far. Bosh has wowed me at almost every turn, but everyone outside of CB and Jose has been pretty pedestrian, when this team was supposed to have the makeup of a contender. They got their shot-blocking, rebounding big. And he just happens to be one with a nice midrange jumper, too. But what was once considered the "missing piece" in Toronto was apparently, well, not. So if you go back to the Raps' wish list, what's at the top? I would guess it's something along the lines of "depth at every position." Yikes.

But fear not, Raps fans. At least Smitch is out, right?

EDIT: I feel like I was kind of harsh. But I'll postface this by saying I'm kind of a Colangelo fanboy. It's those collars, man.

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