Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Sad State of Affairs

This evening I was watching the Lakers of Los Angeles take on the Suns of Phoenix in a match-up between two perennial powerhouses of the Association of National Basketball. Traditionally this is a win-win situation for your humble author: I hate both the Lakers and the Suns and luckily, given the circumstances, one of them had to lose. But this evening was different than other evenings. The colors may have been the same but the names were changed. I looked up at the screen to find Goran Dragic, Grant Hill, Matt Barnes, Louis Amundson and Robin Lopez on the floor for the Suns. I felt confused. I felt angry. Most of all I felt sad.

Make no mistake, I despise the Phoenix Suns with the white hot passion of a thousand, well, suns. So initially the idea that such an inept crew of misfits would don the purple and orange caused a soft smile to creep across my face. But as I thought about all the good times we've had, all those 5 and 6 game playoff series against the Spurs that weren't really that competitive to begin with, I realized I kind of miss the old Suns. Shallow rotations. Non-existent defense. Impotent half-court sets. Those were the days.

Obviously the glory days of Suns basketball have passed us by. By picking up Grant Hill, trading for Shaq, and finally showing D'Antoni the door, the Suns franchise made it clear they were leaving the fun-and-gun days behind. But I guess I never realized what a shadow of its former self the franchise had become until I beheld the the aforementioned rotation of Dragic, Hill, Barnes, Amundson, and Lopez. Don't get me wrong, this Suns team is going to win its fair share of games. But we all know winning was never the focal point anyways.

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