Friday, December 26, 2008

A Question to Ponder

So, we already know that China would go out of its way to send the US a pretty severe message: screw with us, and we'll make you regret putting Yi into the All-Star game. "What's that America? You giving us some lip? FINE, you got it, Sun Yue just beat out Chris Paul as a starter." Popular vote = broken. Ask Al Gore.

But outdated presidential election references aside, the NBA's recent plan to elect the fourth slam dunk participant would seem to be the next logical step in China's path to becoming an internet superpower. Still, the question remains if Joe Alexander's status of Chinese nationalism is enough to get him some legitimate interest overseas. Then again, it might be possible purely because I don't think that many people stateside are going to care enough to vote for the honorary "Guy Who is Going to Lose to Dwight" award. Rudy is undoubtedly the front-runner as a cult icon in two countries, but would China goes as far as to rocking the vote in favor of the worst of the three candidates?

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