Monday, December 8, 2008

McHale's Back to Coaching...The Punchlines Just Write Themselves

Wittman out, McHale in. I fully expect the Wolves to go on a ten game win streak and eventually make the playoffs, before falling to the Lakers in an epic seven game, second round series.

But obviously, there's a lot going on here. Let's break it down:

  • McHale and those in Minny's front office obviously think that this team is better than 4-15. I'm not so sure they are. They dropped big back to back losses to the Clips and the Nets, and there's a reason for that: both of those teams are more talented than the Wolves are. Kevin Ollie has started the last few games for this bunch. Do I need to say that again? The Harbinger is a baller, certainly. Mike Miller is a great addition to a winning team, but doesn't have the skill set or the talent, frankly, to spark a squad like this into contention (for a playoff spot, I mean). And aside from those two, who do you have? Ollie, Jason Collins, and the Sea Bass all logging pretty significant minutes. Yes, I still think Kevin Love can be a damn good player in this league, but when your team doesn't have an otherworldly scoring talent in the Wadian mold or any kind of defensive presence whatsoever, you're not going to win all that many games. Sorry, guys.
  • Kevin McHale is no longer in charge of basketball ops. The work of Minny beat writers, GMs, and bloggers everywhere just got a lot harder.
  • This firing seems to be more about McHale and less about Wittman. Randy, I can't even begin to express how indifferent I am towards you. Your roster has been shoddy, you coached a team that wasn't expected to be good and wasn't good, and all I will truly remember you for is driving a Dwane Casey-led squad directly into the ground after he was unfairly canned. I wish I could say that we'll see you soon, but coaching for two and a half seasons and notching a .266 win percentage probably won't get it done. On the other hand, you weren't catastrophically terrible enough for me to write down notes on the ledger.
I think all of us that aren't named Kevin McHale or Mrs. McHale are probably rooting for him to be out by the end of the season. So let's go, Wolves: I want to see you play competitively for three quarters, and then go into all-out tanking mode in the fourth. I want Madsen to average more threes than minutes. I want half-court shots, bizarre injuries, lazy passes, Bassy fadeaways, Collins isos, Calvin Booth at point-center, and everything else you can cook up. I'm tired of watching Minnesota be mired in McHale's incompetence, and it's about time that the league's biggest punchline (post-Isiah) gets his pink slip. Fire away, Mad Dog!

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