Monday, December 15, 2008

Make It Stop!

Fire up the shirt presses for this gem:


I'd buy it.

But this has gotten out of hand. Moore skips town and half the coaches are fired, 50 players switch teams, all-star ballots are fixed, the Nuggets are in the fracking playoffs, and the Grizz have won four straight. Truly bizarre.

The latest among those casualties is Reggie Theus. Believe it or not, I am going to make it through this post without mentioning Hang Time once. Except maybe this Hang Time:

I may or may not think that Hang Time is actually superior to NBA Jam. Don't kill me.

I think this firing was fairly predictable. Kevin Martin and 'Cisco Garcia have missed some serious time to start the season, but their absence can't be blamed for a defense only Nellie could love, despite unexpectedly solid production from Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes. I think Theus has some admirable qualities as a head coach, and I'm very confident that he'll get another gig pretty soon. But what's to become of the Kings? Who knows. Well, I mean Ziller probably knows, but...y'know. Tops we're looking at a team vying for 10th in the West, and conversely they're bottoming out around 13th. They weren't expected to compete for a playoff spot, but I think there's certainly a level of disappointment there.

But do you really think Reginald Theusmeister needs your petty head coaching jobs, NBA? He was just pushing your buttons, toying with you a bit. The man's smoother than a baby dipped in a vat of butter; he's obviously got a long career ahead of him as the first NBA head coach turned male model. Sparkle sparkle, baby.

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