Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Krstic Heads to the Thunder, Nets Were All Like "Whatever"

Old news by now, but Nenad Krstic has made his triumphantly awkward return back to the States. All signs point to the fact that he wanted to stay in the NBA all along, and perhaps trapped himself into some sort of "Well...then I'll go to Europe!" ultimatum. Who knows, who cares. The important thing is that he's back, and in slightly more predictable fashion, the Nets don't want him.

He's come full-circle in terms of his importance in Jersey; a weird face-up anomaly that seemed capable of dropping 18 and 7 for the foreseeable future, but apparently insignificant in the name of 2010 flex. I seriously doubt that it's LeBron or Bust, anyway; how well would LeBron gel in the infant dribble-drive offense that seems to have so much potential when captained by Devin? Harris and LeBron are both improved shooters, but are they really best suited in an offense that functionally enables them to lurk out on the perimeter while the other takes their turn? Now, if you swap out Vince for say, Joe Johnson (via free agency), and net a nice power forward in 2010, that team starts looking awfully sexy. LeBron may be a once in a lifetime talent, but unless Devin revolutionizes his game or Rod Thorn can get full value in a trade for Devin, it could be a weak fit. Not that this really has anything to do with Krstic, but I guess the loose relation of 2010 cap space has me rambling.

Pretty sweet pick-up for the Thunder, though. The team has been ridiculously competitive this season in relation to their laughable record; it seems as though every time I tune in or check a mid-game box score, they're nursing a tiny lead or facing a manageable deficit. The issue isn't one of effort, and you'd know as much if you watch the Thunder regularly (the few, the proud). There just isn't enough talent on the roster for the bunch to be a good team, and Krstic certainly helps there. Dude can play, though he's certainly not without his flaws. His presence suddenly makes Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith's expiring deals just that much more expendable, and one can only hope that OKC will get back prospects or picks in return.

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