Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey Rob, Do You Like Basketball?

Hey Rob, Do you like the NBA? ME TOO! We should be friends. Which team is your favorite? The Mavericks! Oh man, that is so funny because I like the Spurs. Even though our favorite teams are rivals we can still be friends. When was the last time the Spurs and Mavs played? They played tonight! That is awesome! What happened? OH MAN, THE SPURS WON IN DOUBLE OVERTIME! That must have been exciting. I wish I had watched the game. I don't watch basketball often but when I do, there's nothing I love more than a good, competitive game between respected rivals. But I don't get it? The Mavs couldn't pull it out in a close game? That doesn't seem like Dallas to me.

All kidding aside, you know what two teams you shouldn't write off? The Mavs and the Spurs (if one of your guesses was the Suns, you were wrong. Feel free to write them off). They are better than you think they are.

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