Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doucheceratops No More: Mutombo Returns

He's baaaaaaaaaaack. Hope you're ready to sex him.

This acquisition is ridiculous for the Rockets. They already have too much depth at center, their frontline is monstrously tall, and Yao is a sure thing in terms of durability. They don't need help off the bench guarding the best bigs in the West, and they already have all of the pieces they need to win the title.

Or, everything I said in that paragraph is a complete lie. What? I've gotta make this sh*t interesting somehow. An upper echelon team that really only needs time to figure things out just got huge help to buffer one of their only real weaknesses. And, at practically no loss. Yeah, Steve Francis is gone. La-dee-da. Instead, you have one of the best interior defenders of all time (although aged), rested, supposedly "in-shape," and ready to rock. I will say this: if it came down to Deke going to Boston, San Antonio, or Houston, I'm glad he chose H-town rather than Mordor or Isengard. Good riddance.

It also comes on the same day as some other Rockets news: Tracy McGrady will intentionally miss some games he probably would have missed anyway. Brilliant. Still, I'm fairly frightened of what the Rockets could become and what the Rockets might become, and that's a damn near unstoppable force if they play their cards right. That's good and all if you're into winning 'ships, but I find the whole "strong, but flawed and lovable" thing much more endearing.

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