Monday, December 15, 2008

Chuck Person's Back-Up Plan

Wait. What?

I'm fired too
? What did I do?

Oh, this is the worst. It's not even my fault. Coach Theus was like, "HEY, let's run the triangle!" I said, "Are you sure?" What else am I supposed to do? That guy won't listen to anyone except Anthony Anderson.

He said, "I bet we can play Spencer and Brad together."

I said, "You know they're both white, right?"

He's so stubborn. Thanks for nothing, Reggie The Us.

This really sucks. I guess I'll have to go get my khakis pressed, which I haven't done in years. And this belt is STRUGGLING. Geez. What a hassle.

I guess I can call Wesley and see what he's up to. Maybe he'll let me come over for Christmas this year. That'd be nice.

What a crock or bullpoo.

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