Friday, December 19, 2008

Brandon Roy is Somewhat Disinclined to Enjoy Leaving Your Face Intact

We saw one the the most "NOVA" performances of your the young season last night from Mr. Roy, single handedly destroying the Phoenix D in the 4th. 52 points, on 27 shots and 19-21 from the line, including the game clinchers. And, since I cannot do fancy photoshop work here at the j.o.b., you get this pic from "Raiders of the Lost Ark," instead of some cool illuminated portrait of Roy screaming after he gunt-punched the Suns last night.

What amazed me the most is that Roy, though never the swiftest of foot, glided and wormed his way to so many easy shots. Phoenix, moreso than normal, seemed intent on just letting Portland's shots fall where they may and instead focusing all their energy on efficient scoring when they were on offense. It was like Coach D had never left. (And trust me, neither Phoenix Stan nor I were giddy about that, to say the least. Or Gchats resemble 2 torture victims discussing what it was like beind detained) Regardless, Roy was masterful last night, something akin to a young Paul Pierce. Hell, maybe more akin to a modern Paul Pierce. That was the first game of the season I have been able to sit down and watch from beginning to end. Now I know why I love this game so much. And why Portland will destroy us all.

H/T: Blazers Edge (with the far more impassioned and insightful recap!)

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