Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bizarre Quote Twofer

  • Amare, on his 2010 fate (from the East Valley Tribune, via SLAM): "When told that fans have taken his words to mean he is eyeing a move out of Phoenix, Stoudemire said: “I have no idea. I have no clue. It will play out how it plays out. Nostradamus is long gone, and there is no one else who can predict the future right now. You never know how it ends up.""
  • Los Angeles Daily News, via Shoals at TSB: "Odom is averaging a career-low 7.5 field goal attempts this year in a career-low 25 minutes a game in his new role as the Lakers' sixth man. But after taking just three shots in 29 minutes in Sunday's win over the Raptors, Odom said that was less about playing time and more about the way the Lakers have been sharing the ball this season.

    "The game is called basketball, not shoot," he said. "You can play a complete basketball game without shooting a lot of shots. There aren't too many guys that can do it, I just happen to be one of them.""
You're welcome.

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