Monday, December 8, 2008

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Charlotte at Miami

Bobcats. DOOMED. Jason Richardson is just bouncing back from his bizarre knee situation, Gerald Wallace will miss tonight's game due to a death in the family (our thoughts go out to him), and Sean May may be injured. Yes, again. Tendinitis in the knee? The very same knee that's been so much trouble for him in his what, 10 games of actual action so far in his career? Wonderful. Fricking wonderful. But you compound those omens with the fact that MJ is in charge, the offense still blows, and they actually hired Larry Brown to coach this team. I dare you to disagree with me. THEY'RE DOOMED.

Heat, not so doomed. Fatally flawed, sure. But you know what they say: "When you've got Dwyane Wade, you'll win a lot of games you shouldn't even be competitive in because his game makes the lame walk and the blind see." Something like that.

7:30 EST

Someone Still Loves You, Mike Conley

Houston at Memphis

Dearest Michael,

I heard of your regrettable situation with your employer, and I am truly sorry. But fear not, friend of friends: you will always have our undying sympathies and support here at the Paroxysm of the Hardwood. They may attempt to take away your rightful place as the head of the serpent, the eye of the tiger, but they shall never overcome your considerable skill and will, my friend. Bide your time, good sir; it is only a matter of games 'fore you reclaim what is yours.

And in the meantime, I just hope that Iavs and co. don't succomb to their inner demons and start OJ at the point.

Robert Mahoney and, in spirit, Matthew Moore
8:00 EST

Projections from AllSportsBets for GSW @OKC 12/08/08

Golden State at OKC

  • Favorite: __________ +(N/A) over GSOKC
  • over/under 958 total points
  • GSW Andris Biedrins over/under 37 rebounds
  • OKC over/under 17 botched defensive possessions
  • GSW Don Nelson over/under 5 Heinekens
8:00 EST

Fingers Crossed for a Clippers Winning Streak!!!

Orlando at LA Clippers

Hey, remember that time where Matt said the Clippers would be good this season? Make sure to give him tons of sh*t for that when he comes back. But lyk omg, they just beat the wolvesies by 23!!! (which, as Yahoo told me, was apparently their biggest win in over four years. Times are hard for Clipper fans life sucks for Clipper fans suicide rates are higher among Clipper fans than any other fanbase.) But the Magic aren't the Wolves. I mean, they kind of are, but replace Al Jefferson with a more physically dominant and defensively imposing Al Jefferson, change Mike Miller's passport, throw in some people who can actually score, add in a pretty decent coach, Rashard Lewis, a temperate climate, Universal Studios, and a more consistent effort from top to bottom. But, if you threw out those things, this would pretty much be the exact same game. Go Clips!

10:30 EST

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