Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Every Little Thing He Does is Magic. Pop is Not Amused:

Spurs at Magic

Dwight's scheduled to make his return tonight against the Spurs, and they're going to need him. Not that the Spurs looked all that intimidating last night, as they made offensive meltdowns fairly routine in the fourth against the Hornets. Still, this game should be a bit of a doozy, with each team gameplanning in a slightly similar way despite two completely different stars. If you think about Duncan's flat-footed dominance versus Dwight's above the rim antics, Hedo as an even more awkward Manu, and Rashard Lewis as all of the Spurs' three point shooters rolled into one and then some, you've got a pretty interesting contest going here. The big question will be if Jameer Nelson can keep on keepin' on against Tonee Parkehr. Still undecided on how exactly that's going to go down, but I'd bet on Jameer holding his own.

Also, Spurs suck.

8:00 EST

Something Interesting to Say About This National Basketball Association Game That Is Being Played Tonight by the Suns of Phoenix and the Trailblazers of Portland.

Suns at Blazers (Via the Corndogg)

The Suns really need to defend better.
The Blazers are a young, deep squad and are doing a good job figuring out how to work together.
The Suns recently got Jason Richardson in a trade. He shoots well from 3.
The Blazers made a great pick 2 years ago with Brandon Roy. He is playing some darn good basketball right now.
Shaq vs. Oden is a clash of old school vs. new school.
Steve Nash likes the environment.
Grant Hill would rather quit than be traded. Honest.
Lots of sorta-fans of the NBA really like this Blazers team, or so I've heard.
Lamarcus Aldridge is tall.
Matt Barnes has many tattoos.
This game will be televised on your television by TNT.

Also, Steve Kerr (former Spur) sucks.

10:30 EST

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