Wednesday, December 17, 2008

15 Footer 12.17.08 Relax, We're Back. Halfway.

Now that is one great movie. One that I've been trying to track down on DVD for some time now, with no success. So if ANYONE out there has a copy of either We're Back or STEEL (Yes, the one with Shaq...yes, I already have Kazaam) on a real, non-pirated region 1 DVD, hollaback.


You're All Clear Kid, Now Let's Blow This Thing and Go Home!

Celtics at Hawks

It's awfully hard to poke holes in the Celtics' armor these days. But when you look at the teams that have given them trouble both this year and last year (the Hawks, Cavs, Wiz, and Bobcats come to mind) what do they all have in common? Elite small forwards. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

So I guess what I'm saying is, if you don't have a sweet 3 at your disposal, you're just going to be that fat dude flying the X-wing who gets torched. Otherwise, you could possibly, maybe have a chance to shoot at that little hole in the bottom of a multi-mile trench with little to no cover fire while James Earl Jones is shooting lazers at you. Enjoy.

7:00 EST

We're a Mike Dunleavy Away From a Reun...I Mean Grudge Matc...Well, a Game That's Still Inconsequential

Warriors at Pacers

Not entirely fair. The Pacers are still one of my favorite teams in the league both in terms of gaudy stats that don't make sense/seem to indicate much of anything (I'm looking at you, Troy Murphy), and a ridiculous collection of players that have tickled my fancy. Go get 'em, 'Quis.

Still, there's a lot of interesting things going on in this one. The 'player x used to play for this team' subplot is not only a bit worn, but also kind of irrelevant at this point; looking at the current Dubs, does anyone care that Murph and Mike Dunleavy used to suit up for them? And while the Pacers aren't exactly winning games these days, doesn't Jax's tenure in the gold seem like decades ago?

So here's what does matter: Danny Granger going nuts. Biedrins and Murphy each getting 18 rebounds. Unforced turnovers. Jamal Crawford fast break, pull-up threes. Hopefully some PT for Rob Kurz. Anthony Randolph and Roy Hibbert. I love this game.

7:00 EST

You're Looking at this Elton Brand and These Wings, And You're Thinking to Yourself: "How Do I Kill The Bucks?"

Bucks at Sixers

Summing up the Sixers season in a minute and a half:

7:00 EST

There's No Place Like the Road, There's No Place Like the Road...Especially When You're Playing Against Struggling Eastern Conference Teams

Mavs at Raptors

The Mavs are coming off a 7-game homestand in which they went 5-2. Not terrible, not great either. But when you're expected to win every single game in your own arena (including toughies like SanAn and Denver), leaving town for a bit can be great in terms of relieving a little stress, blowing off steam, and opening up a can out East. Plus, it's sure to be -50 degrees at night in T-ville, keeping the Mavs all bundled up and warm in their hotel room. Sleep well, Mavericks. Tomorrow, you play Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon, and some dudes from Toronto's pick-up scene. Yeah, you too, Jermaine. What up.

7:00 EST

When Life Gives You Lemons, Resist the Urge to Squeeze the Lemon Juice in Your Own Eyes and/or Stab Yourself

Wizards at Pistons

Last season the Wizards were flying without Gilbert. But apparently, if you take away Brandon Haywood, this team really falls apart. Washington has won just 4 out of 22 games, good for last in the division. But then again, even with a healthy roster, this team tops out at what, the 4 or 5 seed? We knew Gil was injured coming in to this season, and precious few pundits pencilled them in as playoff contenders (as in, even fighting for a playoff spot). So, when I say "Which of these teams has been more disappointing?", I want you to get my full meaning. Rounding into a form after a trade is really damn hard. It only gets harder when you trade away Billups for a player like Iverson, whose styles couldn't be different despite playing similar positions. But with a group of young pit bulls like Motown has, and the veteran talent they have, why haven't we seen an interesting, motivated, guns a-blazin' Pistons team yet? There have been games where things were clicking. But regardless of the trade, this team has the talent to be top 3 in the conference. They're currently at 5th, 8.5 games out of first place. But I mean, they're really good and --

-- I'm an idiot. The Wizards are worlds more disappointing. But is it wrong of me to ask just a bit more out of the Pistons?

7:30 EST

In the name of actually giving you something to read today (even as late as it is), I'm just going to leave it at that. Yeah, I know there are four games on the slate. But with the crew busy, this is all you get. Take it or leave it, ungrateful swine!

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