Monday, December 1, 2008

15 Footer 12.1.08

Not a very good slate tonight, to be honest. Just three games, only one of which will be talked about tomorrow barring a 40 point Kevin Love explosion, and even the good game might not be that good. But here I am, still watching "bad" games, because that's how I do, baby. That's how I do.


It's a Cat Eat Dog World

Minnesota at Charlotte

The Bobcats are bad. The Wolves are bad. Let's play some basketball.

D.J. Augustin has been awesome recently, and one could only hope that he's allowed to continue that trend with some serious PT against Minny. After all, who's going to guard him? The Wolves' perimeter D leaves a bit to be desired. Jefferson v. Okafor should be a nice little (big?) match-up, but ultimately my scales tip in favor of Oak holding The Harbinger to a mortal level of production, somewhere in the realm of 17 and 10. But getting Jason Richardson back should definitely help the Bobcats in the way of scoring, if not directly through him getting his, then certainly through the spacing. Carroll isn't bad, Augustin will shoot from deep, and Felton and Wallace fancy themselves three point threats, but Richardson can go absolutely nuts from beyond the arc if you don't check him, and that kind of threat is exactly what the Bobcats need to have a big offensive night. What it comes down to, though, is that while the Bobcats are pretty bad with the ball in their hands, the numbers show that they're not too bad at D. They're not excellent, but with Wallace, Richardson, and Okafor, they have some talent on that end. Contrast that with the Wolves. While they certainly have strengths in certain areas, I don't think they've really established themselves in any particular area to give them the appropriate level of consistency. But you don't need me to tell you that.

7:00 EST

Anthony and the Johnsons, Live in Boston

Orlando at Boston

Okay, so under most normal circumstances, I say the Magic can hang with Boston. But when you're missing Jameer Nelson (and more importantly, starting Anthony Johnson), it gets a little tricky. Rashard is still a gamer. Hedo has "fallen off" a little bit, but if you ask me he's the same player he was a year ago. And Dwight is still Dwight. Those three will give you a chance in any game, but modifying those chances will depend on the peripherals. No Jameer Nelson and no Mickael Pietrus. No bueno. So get your beverage of choice ready, and get ready for the most intense Anthony Johnson Turnover drinking game of your life.
Orlando at Boston

7:30 EST

The Game Where the Point Guard on Your Rec League Team Could Probably Get 8 Rebounds

Miami at Golden State

Miami is dead last in rebound rate, and Golden State isn't very far behind. That could spell a triple double for Crawford and Wade, or maybe just 1,000 rebounds for Biedrins. But if you're a fan of teams that don't make sense, this is the game for you. I'm not going to belittle you by telling you how the Warriors are weird as hell, and you should have gathered as much from the Heat already. Chris Quinn/Mario Chalmers/Kind of Marcus Banks. 2.0. Marion and Beasley blowing minds with just how similar and yet completely unrelated they are. Oh yeah, and Udonis Haslem playing center. It just doesn't get any better than that, people.

Oh, and flip a coin: if it comes up tails, Wade drops 50.

10:30 EST

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