Friday, December 5, 2008

15 FOOTER 12.05.08

Happy Days are Here Again.

In honor of O.J. going to jail for a (hopefully) very long time, we are switching up the 15 for the day. Rather than just giving you reasons why you should scoop these 11 games tonight, we are equating each game with a piece of stolen memorabilia (sports or otherwise)- corresponding with said game's watchability factor. I think its pretty self explanatory. Enjoy this glorious day!

OKC @ Orlando 7:00EST
O.J.'s USC jersey, since most of the OKC players would prefer to still be (re)living their college glories.

Lakers @ Washington 7:00EST
The pistol he took into that hotel room: because only one of these teams is armed.

NYK @ Atlanta 7:30EST
The glove. Much like Marbury, because if "it don't fit, you must acquit."

Indiana @ Cleveland 7:30EST
His old Buffalo Bills helmet, since Lebron has NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!

Minny @ NJN 7:30EST
A copy of his book, since these two teams spend more time dealing in hypotheticals than what's really happening on the hardwood.

Portland @ Boston 8:00EST
A Johnny Cochrane action figure: the only way to combat KG.

Philly @ Detroit 8:00EST
His heisman: since a lot of the players on these teams are old enough to actually remember O.J. at USC. (btw, that picture is worth at least 983 words).

Clippers @ Memphis 8:00EST
Those full body condoms from Naked Gun. No more offspring!

Golden State @ Houston 8:30EST
His golf driver (and spare balls): just in case you wanna get a little nuts. (btw, just re-read this and in no way did I mean it to be dirty. Swear)

Charlotte @ Milwaukee 8:30EST
His 1993 Superstar Pro-Am Bowling Trophy, because that years makes me think about Grandmama and... whoever was playing for the Bucks at that time.

Toronto @ Utah 10:30EST
Any of O.J.'s recent girlfriends, because if you can be talked into either of these two teams, you might as well be carousing with a criminal.

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