Saturday, November 22, 2008

What P.J. Carliesimo Will Be Thankful for this Thursday

The Thunder couldn't make it til December. Today, they give "coach" P.J. Carlesimo the sweetest release this side of death - he is no longer their coach. So, instead of 4 more months of failure, cold weather and Robert Swift, P.J. gets to go back to wherever he came from, chillax and drink a few martinis (not that he didn't have to imbibe a few of those over the past year and a half). No more cowboy hats or Clay Bennett. It's Christmas in November for Carlesimo.

All that said, do the Thunder really think things are going to get better or was this just a mercy firing, knowing that any change must inevitably be good change (Note: "good" is a relative term). All in all, it's probably best for both parties, as Carlesimo works better within a more structured system and with older players. This Thunder team, though not without talent, just needs to roam free and experiment. They can't fall any further, so you might as well let them spread their wings. Well, unless it's Thanksgiving, in which case those wings become appetizers for the currently uncurdled stomach of one Mr. P. J. Carlesimo. I hear he likes them thin and deep fried.

Here's hoping that OKC fans will be thankful for getting a made over team that can now focus on growth and exciting play. Wins be damned, let these kids play ball. Heck, this might be the first decent move Clay Bennett has ever made. It will also likely be the last. Good luck and God speed, Scott Brooks. I'm not sure that's enough to get by on.

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