Friday, November 14, 2008

Tracy is Such a Sweetheart, He Would NEVER Do Anything Like That!

The verdict is in from the PHX-HOU catfight: Rafer and Barnes will be sitting out two games apiece, while Nash will rest his back for one. McGrady and Shaq were fined a paltry sum, and that's where things get a little fishy. Not the "OMG THE NBA IS FIXED!!!!!" kind of fishy. Nunathat. But how is it that McGrady got away with a slap on the wrist and a stern talking to when the rest of the crew will be sitting out games?

Take a look at the video:

I'm not arguing with the other suspensions. Barnes laid into Alston, and Rafer charged after him. Nash rushed the mass with a purpose, and things only really intensified once he got involved. But dontcha think that T-Mac should be sitting a game for pushing Nash to the ground? On The Jones they mentioned that Nash looked off-balance running in to the fracas, but I don't necessarily buy it. Around 1:54 in that clip, it sure looks like Steve gets a good shove to the floor courtesy of McGrady, which doesn't seem any more harmless than what Nash did.

Oh, and here comes Corn, so hide your children, elderly, and small animals:

The Rambling Rants of Corn Before He Goes Drinking Friday Afternoon: Tmac pushed Nash down by the f*cking face, and all he gets is a small fine. I guess they figured he misses too many f*cking games already, so why does the league have to force him out -- gotta keep him on the court while his body barely works, right?

Just another conspiracy theory to ruin the Suns...but the good thing is, they should be fine tonight against Sacramento - because Coach Porter (god it hurts to say that) says they will maintain the "mental frame of mind". Thanks, dick, just what we needed, Emmitt f*cking Smith coaching the Suns.

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