Friday, November 28, 2008

Sir Charles: Kindly, Respectfully, Shut the Hell Up

Charles, I love you. All of us do. I love when you rip apart teams without even realizing what you're saying, I love when make legitimate points between slaughtered names and mispronounciations, and you are far and away the best television personality associated with basketball that we have today. But when it comes to the LeBron 2010 situation, could you please pipe down?

For all intents and purposes, I think LeBron has handled the situation with class. He hasn't given anyone the silent treatment, he hasn't been rude to reporters despite being asked the same question literally hundreds of times, and he's given his honest opinion. He has never overtly indicated that he'd like to play in any city other than Cleveland, notes that even discussing the issue is disrepectful to the Cavs organization, and treats the situation with class. So Charles: what exactly do you want him to do? Respond flatly with "no comment" every time they shove a tape recorder or a mic in his face? I expected more out of you, Charles.

Major props for LeBron telling Charles to sit his ass down, and a frowny face to the round mound for his uncharacterstic disapproval for the outspoken.

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