Monday, November 24, 2008

Other Things Stephon Marbury Refuses

With the Knicks severely understaffed due to their trading players for a chance at LeBron James, Stephon Marbury had his first chance at playing time. A chance to show the league he could still play. A chance to prove that he can be a team player. A chance to garner some good will around the association.

His reponse: nah thas cool man Im good Ima do my thing Steph busy addin patches to sportscoat holla.

Because I'm a curious man, I hired a private investigator to follow Steph's every move, just to see if he turned down any other handouts. Turns out there are quite a few:
  • While getting Dish Network installed at his condo, Marbury declines the free DVR that's included with his package. He says, "I aint tryin a be watchin TV shows durin TV shows Ima gettin caught up in life."
  • At Chipotle, Marbury orders a vegetarian burrito, which includes guacamole free of charge. However, Marbury refuses the delectable treat saying, "Man Im bout that green but not that green holla."
  • Upon purchasing a new Macbook Air, Marbury turns down Apple's offer for a free iPod Touch stating, "I got my iRiver I aint need no iPod rivers bigger than pods anyway."
  • We should have seen this coming. Upon receiving his $600 stimulus check this summer, Starbury threw it in the garbage proclaiming, "Pay me what you owe me 600 bucks aint nothin to the Mothership Connection aka Young Moolah Baby."
  • At Best Buy, Steph heads straight to the video games section to pick up an Xbox 360 bundle. However, he refuses to take any games with him declaring, "I just get games from them high school kids I been running with."

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