Friday, November 21, 2008

My Life Has Just Been Turned Completely Upside-Down

Harrington to the Knicks for Crawford. Okay, I can deal with that. Really, really weird and nonsensical, but I can deal. But Randolph to the Clips for Mobley and Tim Thomas? Dear God.

This is basically the same deal proposed in the offseason, only now that Camby's donning the white, blue, red, and whatever else the Clippers wear, actual players have to be included for salary cap reasons. For LA, they're dumping some marginal talent for a guy who can legitimately score the damn basketball. But what the hell does their rotation look like? Do they start Randolph and Camby? Randolph and Kaman? Bring Zeebo off the bench? Who the hell knows. But Mobley and Thomas weren't doing much, and Eric Gordon is sure to be the happiest man on the planet today. And Ricky Davis fans: your day of triumph has arrived. They pretty much have to play him big minutes now, right?

Of course for the Knicks, this is all about getting every contract off the books for 2010. As far as I can tell, they're looking at (not including David Lee and Nate Robinson) Eddy Curry (PO), Jared Jeffries (PO), Wilson Chandler, and Danilo Gallinari for 2010. Little did they know that getting LeBron isn't worth watching Cat Mobley and T-squared chuck up off-target threes every other night for two years. But if they're willing to endure that, then power to them, I guess. But with Crawford out of the picture, does that make Mobley the starter in NYC? I'm praying that Pringles will start Chandler and Richardson instead, but who the hell knows after today's events. Footnote of a footnote of a footnote: Mardy Collins was also included in the deal, removing another of the Knicks' options at guard. I've never really been a fan of Collins and I think his passable defensive efforts don't do enough to compensate for his offensive skills, but hey, whatever. The point is that this team just got a shakeup in the weirdest possible way. The big question will be what happens at the center position. Pringles was counting on starting Jared Jeffries coming out of camp, but a broken leg changed all that. So are we now looking at a center tandem of a healthy Jeffries and Al Harrington? Really? REALLY? I didn't think it was entirely possible at this point for this Knicks roster to get weirder (and worse, for that matter), but here we go. Get rid of your two leading scorers, swap one Ninja Turtle starting at center for another, get two past-their-prime we-were-never-that-great-anyway-ers, and create just about the strangest team on paper that we're likely to see this season. No one will accuse you of sitting idly by, Walsh. Of course all of this action is coming after the Knicks are actually winning some games, but I'm sure the NYC media will let you off the hook for that, right? (Run for your life, man.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play some NBA 2k8 with a lineup of Thornton, DeAndre Jordan, Randolph, Camby, and Kaman. Take notes, MDSr. Maybe I'll run it against Crawford, Morrow, Buike, Maggette, and Jax. GOD THESE TRADES MAKE NO SENSE AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

EDIT: Ziller, coming up big in the clutch, has an estimated cap figure of $33 million for the Knickerbockers in 2010. He also writes that "today is a great day to be a Knicks fan." I disagree. The first day of 2010's free agency will be a great day to be a Knicks fan, but until then expect your fanlives to be a living hell. Enjoy!

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