Monday, November 17, 2008

15 Footer 11.17.08

Um. Yeah. So.

Games tonight?

Not so much with the good.


Good Love Is Hard To Find (In Oklahoma):

Houston at Oklahoma City.

Crazy Pills: What is this?

Earl Watson: What is what?

Crazy Pills: This thing. This thing we're playing. This thing that's trying to stop me yet I continue to throw the ball with great velocity at the basket unimpeded?

Nick Collison: Look, we're rebuilding, okay? We need some work.

Yao Ming: You can't build a fortress from the dung of a dragon; completeness is only sacrifice in golden terms.

Crazy Pills: What the f*ck does that mean?

Luis Scola: I think what he iz traying to say iz this team is very terrible at playing basketball.

Crazy Pills: But what are they?

*Kevin Durant clangs another jumper.

Russell Westbrook: Noooo, couldn't have taken Love, could they? Noooo. I could be running with Al Jefferson right now. Stupid Bulls.

*Joe Smith sinks 18 footer, secretly ties shoelaces of Jeff Green together.

Crazy Pills: I think I'll dunk now.

Tracy McGrady: My booboo hurts.


Blake Ahearn's Revenge, Game 1:

San Antonio at LA Clippers.

Now that Blake's back in the NBA, tonight he begins his slaughter of all those that questioned him, starting with the Clippers. Expect a barrage of golf claps from the bench and awkward high fives during timeouts. That'll show 'em!

I already miss the 2006-2008Baron Davis, don't you?

Um. Roger Mason is good. The end.

"Two Teams I Trust About As Much As A Convicted Pedophile Near An Elementary School...With Lollipops." (Via the Corndogg):

Phoenix at Utah.
Have you ever seen a less happy, discombobulated and underacheiving 8-3 team than Phoenix? They can't keep their entire team on the court, either due to suspensions, resting ailing stars or injuries. Their all world point is definitely a step slower and not comfortable being treated like a dinosaur in this new system. Amare can't seem to get it together for long stretches and Shaq - yes, that Shaq - has been their best and most consistent player. This team has no chemistry, no definitive rotation, a short bench and even shorter attention spans. You get the sense that they know they have lost it, but that they still have way more talent (albeit aging and awkward) than 95% of the teams in the league. This team enjoys playing basketball the same way your dad enjoys regular prostate exams. They have, almost literally, turned into the old man waging his finger at the kids and telling them to tay off his lawn - he can't even step outside anymore because of a bad back and severe allergies, but he still doesn't want anyone to be around his house and enjoy his property. I think all these guys would rather be in Papua New Guinea than Phoenix - yet they keep winning. I wonder what happens when they start caring?
On the other side, Utah is floating in some eerily similar waters. Injuries, system fatigue and other random outside elements have really kep the Jazz from proving what the masses had ordained for them in the preseason. When they are on, they still look really good. But, you just cant shake the feeling that they need one fairly significant move to get themselves over the top. We've been bandying around AK in trade talks for years and it will inevitably pop back up again. Although, I doubt that will happen. The Jazz have this compulsive need to prove to you that their player and their system are good enough, even though end-year scenarios have failed continuously to back it up. But, with Boozer in a contract year and Deron getting healthy, this team will surely find its footing. But a package of younger stars for an established veteran inside presence and lock down wing defender might put these guys cloer to LAL than LAC. Jury's still out. The unique matchup tonight is the points and powers matchups. That's your game right there.

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