Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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The Hardest Button to Button is not really a button at all.


They Are Everything Inside Of You That You Wish You Could Be (Matt):

Utah at Philadelphia

Okay, Utah fans. go ahead and enjoy this.

The Jazz are amazingly good this year. They're getting consistent efforts from their bench, playing terrific defense, still lighting up the scoreboard, and working seamlessly as a team. Andre Kirilenko in particular has been proficient, putting in more points and rebounds and working as a catalyst for the offense out of the elbow. But hey, this Sixers team can at least rest easy with Deron Williams out. I mean, if they had him back...


Oh. F*ck.

The Sixers were in trouble before. Iggy's nowhere to be found. Andre Miller's not playing above the fold like he has. Brand's been good not great. The bench has sucked. You don't get into must-win territory for another, oh, three months, but it would do a body good to get this one at home. Boozer versus Brand feels like it should symbolize something, but both are so nebulous I'm not sure it does. Watching Paul Millsap and Reggie Evans try and kill one another should be fun, though.

Philly, you can just watch this team and dream it was you. Or win. You know, either one.

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One Not Having Kirk Hinrich And One Not Having Josh Smith Is Not Really An Equal Handicap (Matt):

Hawks at Bulls.

The story in this one is going to be whether the Hawks have that undefinable "find a way to win" thing going on or if the fact that they struggled with the Thunder over the weekend is a sign of things to come. You have to figure missing Josh Smith is going to catch up with them. Then again, they're playing defense and Joe Johnson has been incredibly consistent.

The Bulls, on the other hand, have not been consistent. They waver from dominating a Suns team (albeit one that was obviously mailing it in for the night), to losing rather easily to the Cavs. If Derrick Rose goes all pretty horsey tonight, the Bulls could smoke the Hawks, considering that Mike Bibby, despite his 19 points against the Thunder, kind of sucks. He disrupts the offense, shoots too soon in the clock, and doesn't do much in the flow of the offense. Of course, on the other side, Tyrus Thomas is fading into obscurity for the millionth time and Vinny Del Negro loves to play Nocioni for extended minutes. This is a tell-tale game for both squads.

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Is a Tripod with One Leg Called a Unipod? And, If So, Why Even Make Believe That is a Real Thing?

Every single reader out there knows that the minute Tony Parker went down for the month that Mike D'Antoni put in a call to much maligned "center" Eddy Curry. Here is how it probably went?
D: Ed, you there?
EC: Yeah, who's this?
D: Coach.
EC: Coach who?
D: D'Antoni. Your coach. From the Knicks.
EC: The Knicks?
D: GD it, Eddy. Do you want to get on the court tonight or not?
EC: Nah, I'm chillin'.
D: Ed, I need you. Listen up.
EC: Who is this again?
D: Ugh. Do you hate Gyroballs?
EC: Duh.
D: Well, Tim Duncan's ankle is made of the same space age polymer.
EC: Sh*t is broke, dude. I'm gonna blow that ankle to smithereens. Might as well strap some dynamite to that ankle, cause its gonna get popped like a pimple...whoever this is.
D: Great. See you tonight.
EC: See me where?

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Balls in Your Court, Jason Thompson. Whatcha Got?

Detroit @ Sacramento

If someone were to tell you that Jason Thompson might be the legitamite test tube babe of Antonio McDyess and Shareef Abdur-Rahim, but with better knees and less abandon, what would you say? If you were Tom Ziller, you would probably say "If love you is wrong, I don't want to be right." Well, welcome to planet NBA Thomps, cause you got some big shoes (and holes drilled into knees) to fill. Good thing you get your chance tonight against the Pistons. We are starting to believe.

On the other side, Iverson gets to run roughshod over a depleted wing attack for the Kings. That should be pretty for the fantasy owners. Also, if there is ANY PERSON out there who doesn't think Joe Dumars is the shrewdest GM in the league, then immediately die. Maybe Mark Cuban should take some tips on how to rip off a team in a gut busting trade and yet still retain one of the players you let go so that the trade would monetarily work. Case in point: Have you seen McDyess popping his mouth off like Stackhouse and George did last year concerning the Kidd to Dallas trade? Hell no. Cause Dumars got him on lock. Before you know it (and if Wyc Grousbeck can't fork over enough money) McDyess gets a vacation in Devner - before winter hits - and heads right back the Palace to help this new look Pistons team get even better. Dumars, FTW.

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Can You Smeeeeeeelllllll What Danny Ferry Is Cooking?

Milwaukee @ Cleveland

If so, your nose hairs are burnt. Stuff looks like dog food. I am not a Cleveland believer. A Witness? Yes. A Cav canvasser? Not by a long shot. If Lebron continues to average 56+ a game and they continue to use magnet counterforces inside both the ball and Ben Wallace to use their polarity to keep him from coming into contact with it, these guys are contenders. Also, if Wally doesn't cry and Delonte maintains some sanity, those are big pluses. And, if they maintain the toughness. I was dishing this morning about the only way the Cavs have a chance to beat a team like Boston in the playoffs. You gotta punch first! Smack Garnett in the mouth. Sure, it might awaken El Tigre, but at least it send the message to everyone else that you aint scurred. I still see one potential trade down the line to dish off Wally's contract for a Kapono like marksmen and one more big wing defender. With Ferry, everything is within the realm of reason.
As for tonight, at least its a short plane ride along the edges of Lake Erie for the Bucks. They might want to strap Skiles down before they take off. I hear he's a jumper.

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Off With His Head.

Denver @ Charlotte

News around Bobcat land is that if Melo puts up 50 tonight, Larry Brown will go to the guillotine. How exciting. Can I nominate Jeff McInnis for the next head coach?
But really, we all though Jordan was done with gambling. So why buy the Bobcats? Oh yeah, I forgot. That ain't gambling, that is a sure fire FAIL. I've already gone to GoDaddy and bought www.jordansepicfail.com. This is just getting ugly. Oh, but that fluke win over the Hornets. WE CAN BUILD ON THAT!

I'm excited to see Chauncey get his legs under him tonight. If only Brown had a point like Billups:(. Mr. Big Shot should be able to make Carmelo, gasp, even more efficient. If God truly wasn't taking a nap when he attached the lower bodies of Nene and KMart to their torsos, this team could not only blow out the Bobcats, but lay a solid foundation for the next few games. They are, at least, intriguing.

7PM EST, Altitude.

It's Like A Giant Retail Store For Big Men That Can't Defend:

Minnesota at Golden State.

This matchup is like a high frequency alarm. It just makes me wince and it's hard to concentrate on anything while I think about it. It's not bad, per say, it's just awkward. Al Jefferson versus Biedrins? Strange. Ryan Gomes versus Brandan Wright? Strange. Randy Foye versus Stephen Jackson? Awkward. Kevin Love versus Ronnie Turiaf? Nonsensical.

This is probably going to be entertaining though, as most Warriors games are. The Roaracle should be enough to get this team the W tonight, but that all goes out the door if The Harbinger decides to have another "Hey, look, I learned the drop step hook" games. Then the Warriors have no answer and lose.

You should check this one out if you like freakshows and car wrecks.

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A Dobermamba and Ze German Passing Quietly in the Night (Rob):

Lakers at Dallas

The Mavs don't like the Lakers. That's usually what happens when a guy drops 40 on you consistently. But just as the Mavs' perimeter defenders seem incapable of defending Kobe (although Kidd guarded Kobes for a good chunk of their last regular season match-up of last season), Pau Gasol is equally unable to defend Dirk. Evidence: run the tape of Dirk torching Pau play after play as Pau nobly...well he didn't nobly do anything. He rolled over, curled up in a ball, and died. On defense, at least.

...this is where the tape should be. But no one posts youtube clips of Mavs' sweeps. Bummer. Despite the fact that Pau would seem to be in a position to guard Dirk (tall, good reach, relatively fleet of foot), the Grizz often turned to Battier to stop Dirk from launching ze jumpers. Of course this Lakers team is different: so far they've played absolutely smothering defense, forcing turnovers and pressuring defenders at angles that I didn't even know existed. Trevor Ariza is digging tunnels under the hardwood during timeouts, just waiting to pop up through the floor and swipe one (no video evidence of that yet, either, but I'm working on it). I love the Mavs and I love Dirk, but I'd be nutso to pick against the Lakers right now. They're tearing up the league, and as good as Gerald Green is playing, he's not Josh Howard. He's better on defense, but he's still not good. He's showing improvement, but he's not ready for this job. So Kidd will try his hand guarding Kobe again, Pau and Odom will do their best on Dirk, and both will go for 30+. Meanwhile, Rick Carlisle will keep preaching his "new offense" to the papers while running the same iso plays at the free throw line extended that Avery loved so much, and run the two man game with Dirk and Kidd until the Lakers inevitably pick it apart and tear it up on the break. Sigh.

8:30PM EST.

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