Monday, November 17, 2008

100% Correlation Between Owners Interested in Stephon Marbury and Owners Under Investigation By a Federal Government Commission

Correlation? Causality? Coincidence? You be the judge.

All I know is that Mark Cuban expressed some passing interest in a comment about Starbury, and all of a sudden he's under investigation from the SEC. Those in Big D will surely be glad to know that there are Mavs fans in Washington, trying their damnedest to put a big enough dent in Cuban's considerable wad of cash to discourage him from picking up Steph after his inevitable buyout. Yes, inevitable. I said it.

I'm going to throw a big "no comment" on the insider trading rumors. I have very little knowledge of the situation and the accusations, and I'm not all that bothered by them. Dudes with lots of money do crazy stuff to get even more money. Newsflash. But as for being "interested" in signing Marbury? Come on, Mark, you're better than that. I've been pining to see Steph get some playing time in NYC, and he may even be able to help a few other point-less teams this season. Dallas is not one of those teams. Say what you will about Dallas' woes, but adding a malcontent point guard/another small shooting guard can't help. I just don't believe it can. From man to man, Cubes, I have nothing but respect for you. You run a great organization, provide fans and your team with a great experience, and you're obviously incredibly intelligent (except the Kidd trade, but we'll let old, crusty, sleeping point guards lie). So good luck with the investigation and all that comes from it. But as a guy who never wants to see Marbury in the DFW metroplex evereverevereverever, I hope the SEC takes all the money you would've spent on Marbury and that it somehow serves as a warning from the basketball gods. Be wary, Cuban. This is an omen.

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