Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMG. I Totally Just Krzyzewskied Myself

Forgive me, but rarely does a Dukie get to say "Suck It" up here in the big league (though, Shavlik Randolph is probably gonna get a TON more playing time at the end of games now that the Oden and the Withered Foot era is upon us).

But, Dime just broke this story that the Warlocks starting PG tonight is none other than undrafted rookie, non-point guard Demarcus Nelson. This tells us either one of two things.

1) Demarcus has really busted his butt and earned this spot, using his snub in the draft to rocket past the surly Marcus Williams and exploit this big hole in the Warriors current roster (sans Monta or "Nonta").


2) Don Nelson does not give a flying donkey what you think of his team and he will do whatever he wants, how he wants and whenever he wants it. Perhaps he is just trying to construct a team that is just one long, taught muscular force. Wait, did I just unintentionally make a weiner joke? Sorry. I was talking about the athletic abilities of their core group. I mean it. Swear.

But really, Nelson is known for taking risks and this is a whole nother level of shocking! At the very least, its a chance for a kid to prove himself on a team that has nothing left to lose and a whole lot of Corey Maggette jump shots and Patrick O'Bryant jokes to gain.

Maybe Marcus Williams should just go back to what he does best: stealing laptops and trying to sell them. I mean, Silicon Valley is right down the street. JACKPOT!

All of us here at HP (and by that, I mean ME, the only person that likes Duke) can say is best of luck. Hey, at least they are breaking you in easy. You know, just making you matchup against the best point in the league and runner up for MVP last year. Little Kid Things.

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