Thursday, October 23, 2008

Never Has The Basketball Community Come Together Like This

There are times when we're able to put aside our petty differences and really celebrate the good things in life. When we rise above our regional and fanbasic vitriol for one another and truly appreciate a good thing.

And then there are times when we're all guiltily happy that Larry Hughes separates his shoulder. The reactions are widespread.

Blog-A-Bull put it best. "I'm not happy he's hurt, but I'm happy he's currently out."

Hughes is the type of veteran player that you have to play because of his contract and experience. But he's also the type of player that inspires people to write blogs asking him to stop shooting.

It's not Hughes' fault. Those are his stripes, so to speak. But A, this means the Derrick Rose party gets kicked up a notch, and B. this means the Bulls will have more time to evaluate which one of the dynamic duo (Hinrich and Gordon) needs to get moved.

Bad luck, Larry. Hope you feel better. Take your time and rest up. Seriously.

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