Monday, October 13, 2008

Monta Ellis is Grounded; Not Allowed to Go Out and Play

That's right. And Daddy said he's not even getting his allowance. This is so unfair!

I'm sure you've heard by now, but Monta Ellis has been suspended for thirty games without pay for his little injury mishap over the summer. I've been told that the magic number comes from a fifteen game suspension for violating the NBA's uniform contract guidelines and an additional fifteen game suspension for doing something as lame as riding a moped in the off-season. Rightfully so.

But what exactly is the source of the suspension? The fact that Ellis was even riding a moped is definitely a cause of the team's frustrations, but for consequences this severe there have to be unique circumstances. Is the team taking Monta's dishonesty so seriously that they're going to charge him...wait, let me plug this into my calcuZiller...THREE MILLION DOLLARS for it? I understand where the Warriors feel wronged in this whole ordeal, both in terms of their star player being sidelined and, on top of it, lying straight to their faces. But three mil is a pretty penny. A chunk of change. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve punishment, but it just seems like an awful lot for a white lie.

In the grand scheme of moped-related dealings, however, the money is hardly the most noteworthy issue here. The serious implications could eventually come from a rift between Nelson/Mullin and Warriors President Robert Rowell. Here's the play-by-play:

  • Don Nelson likes to win games. He also does not like Marcus Williams starting at point guard, although he is apparently experimenting with Biedrins in the role. Something about being able to see over the defense, I dunno. He does not like pissing off his newly appointed point guard by taking away his money.
  • Chris Mullin likes his job, and thus likes to win games. If the Warriors don't win, Mullin's job security (which is already on the rocks) goes down. He too does not like pissing off Monta Ellis.
  • Monta Ellis likes basketball...and money. Mullin and Nelson are afraid that "suspending" Ellis out of his contract money is going to cause him to go Crazy Pills all over the Warriors, demand a trade, release a rap single, or something equally batty.
  • Robert Rowell likes to send messages and be the man. The fact that said message won't reach anybody doesn't really matter because he "showed 'em who's boss."

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