Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Gonna Be All Good (Except Exactly the Opposite)

A breaking news update from the Corndogg.

As surely as the sun rises in the West, sets in the East, rotates around the Earth and is made of a combination of crushed up Cheetos and love, Jamal Tinsley will be a terrific addition for the Nuggets. Give the Police force an extended break, leave the strip clubs open 24/7 and go easy on gun permits. It's perfectly safe in Denver. Really, it is.

But seriously, Tinsley could actually be a good addition to this team (not joking). At the very least, he can get the ball up the floor and give to Melo or AI. He could conceivably get some lobs into the hands of Nene and K-Mart. And, the Nuggets didn't have to give up any consequential pieces to get him. But boy, that altitude is gonna kill that juicy rumproast of his. He might want to hire a strict personal trainer... or twelve. If we see any defense out of Tinsley this year, it will be because the Nuggs brass duct tapes yardsticks to the end of his fingers.

So, Denver got just a little, um, better at the point. But at what cost? Only time will tell. Well, if time doesn't stop because the sun quits spinning.

No, seriously folks. Just look the other way. Nothing to see here. We're just busy making the Nuggets a better team is all.

HT: Thrilla Ziller @ Fanhouse

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