Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hit 'Em Up: Oh What A(n Opening) Night!

One of the things I love most about the start of the season is the unbridled optimism in contrast to the slight panic that inevitably sets in after one loss. Right now Knicks fans feel great. Conversely, Heat fans are probably trying to get the dried vomit out of their ocular cavities.

Here's a look around the web at some of my favorite post game reactions this morning.

Posting and Toasting: "Wilson Chandler was everything we want him to be and more. He had a very quiet 17 and 8, canned a couple jumpers, and scrapped all over the glass to get putbacks and loose balls. "Wilson is my homeboy" t-shirts coming soon." (Ed. Note: How the f does Jamal Crawford go off for 29 after being lambasted in preseason and not get mentioned, P&T?)

Bl0g-A-Bull: "41 minutes for Tyrus Thomas!...He makes so many plays where you say there's no power forwards who can do that, or stop that. He's such an instinctive passer and his jumpshot has improved to the point where defenders are running at him. The one 'old Tyrus' part of his game was the 2 goaltends (plus an offensive basket interference), but if you let him play it's usually a net positive. And then some...Kirk Hinrich also had a good shooting game, though before I looked at the boxscore I wouldn't have guessed it." (Ed. Note: At this point I'm hoping Hinrich gets traded just so Bulls fans will get off him. Even when he has a good game, he doesn't have a good game.)

Peachtree Hoops: "hat was an unquestionably fine start to the season keyed by the team's defensive performance. Josh Smith deserves to be singled out for praise though Al Horford's work against Dwight Howard in the first half should not be overshadowed by Horford's struggles to defend without fouling in the second half. I don't think the Hawks can or should take full credit for Orlando missing 21 of 25 three-point attempts--some of that is simply Orlando missing makeable shots--but the Hawks' defensive effort was constant. It's a testament to the team's room for improvement that a consistent defensive effort gets one's attention. Here's hoping they make it an unexceptional occurrence."

Forum Blue and Gold: "That is the way you want to start. Good things were happening everywhere. The most important thing is that the Lakers defense looked good. The length of the Lakers starters really bothered the Portland shooters, the rotations were crisp, they switched very well (and a lot) on screens, they seemed to communicate and there was very good hustle." (Ed. Note: I am terrified of the Lakers defense right now. Yeah, they're still questionable inside, but Bynum takes the sting off, and their perimeter defense is just sickeningly good at this point.")

Bright Side of the Sun: "We saw a little of the new and a lot of the old leading to 103 points with 49% FG and 40% 3FG against the Spurs defense. The Suns had 5 players in double digits with Diaw and Barnes just under that mark. Rebounding was a tie and the Suns lead in FTA's...That is a solid night in anyone's book and not your run and gun Suns. Oh, except for that highly efficient shooting and balanced scoring."

Canis Hoopus: "On the good side, we had the best two rookies in last year's draft on display, statistically speaking. Both Love and the Kings' Jason Thompson had impressive debuts, and far and away outdid anyone else in the Class of '08 in the opening Tuesday and Wednesday games. Love had a +20 for the night; in fact, the Wolves bench outshined the starters in the plus/minus category. For anyone that doubted the retention of Kevin Ollie over Blake Ahearn...ahem...please watch the last minutes of the game. The ability of Ollie to shut down Martin while Corey Brewer was able to guard John Salmons in the last possession of the game was huge...So, there was lot to enjoy about the victory, but a lot of concern for the team as well. Sounds about right for a mid-30 win team. For today, I'll split the difference and stay positive." (Ed. Note to Hoopus: If you can't enjoy one of the 30 wins you're going to get this season, what can you enjoy? Soak it in, man!Also, Kevin Ollie sucks.)

Hornets 24-7: "Our rotation was interesting. Byron took Paul out halfway through the first quarter and 2 minutes of the second, and played him the whole second half. Julian didn't play, and neither did Ely. Posey was on the floor during crunch time for Peterson. Our second unit was fed into the game bit by bit over the end of the first, and we ended it with Hilton, Posey, Butler, Brown and James on the floor. Unfortunately, our scoring stagnated with that unit out there. Sigh." (Ed. Note: Um. Guys? When you launch the new site and update a new feed? Little help? Please?)

Sactown Royalty: This entire post. Seriously. If you want a clue as to why Ziller is the best in the independent blogger business, this is it. He's genuinely thrilled with stuff that went on in a loss to the Timberwolves. And he's absolutely right. Great stuff. "Jason Thompson !!!" is the new "FTW!"

Peninsula Is Mightier: "Michael Beasley played like he was high. I promise that won't become a running joke, but it needed to be said tonight. On a higher level of analysis, here are what I see as the two biggest problems with his offensive game. First, he's heaving from the NBA-range 3-point line, which of course is the only one we're using up here, and as a result is hesitant to shoot the wide-open jumpers that are a big part of his package. Second, he takes way too many shots from a low release point. He opened the Heat's scoring with a fancy little scoop shot that really had no business going in, but that's a really, really bad habit. Teams are going to learn that you can reach in and strip Beasley any time he makes a move toward the basket. Can you imagine if Karl Malone guarded him? Overall, though, I'm not worried. He'll figure it out."

Blazers Edge: "Well, that was not pleasant."

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