Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey Chase Budinger! DECISION FAIL!

The Corndogg would like a word regarding Lute Olson's (possibly) impending retirement.

Hey, Chase! How ya doin? Would you like an assmeat quesadilla? Would you? Because you've got one. Good thing you went back to the University of Arizona instead of stepping into a Pacers or Nuggets jersey this year. Lute "Second Biggest Scumbag in College Basketball" Olson decided to take a hike. I hope someone steals his credit card information and ruins him... just like he did your draft prospects, Whitey. Good luck ballin' in the N.I.T. this year. I guess you at least get the satisfaction of knowing that you get to wait a year before you become the next Joe "Superbust" Alexander.

Both Bayless and Jennings are WAYYYYY smarter than we originally figured. Good job boys. Tear 'em up.

I wonder if Richard Jefferson wishes he would have taken all that money he gave to his alma mater back now. First Milwaukee, now this. Sometimes, it's just not your year, Rich.

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