Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Guide To The 2008-2009 Hardwood Paroxysm Previews

We return to you now, as the swagger hits the stride. Today we begin our season preview series. The previews are divided by six groups of five teams with like attributes based on our own special observations which may or may not have any relevant grounding in reality.

When reading, we want to remember that we wanted to get away from the usual preview formats. If done by individual teams they do roster breakdowns and try and express honest analysis. If done by overall sites or magazines it's "This team has superstars. They are good. This team does not have superstars. They are bad. We like good teams! We hate bad teams!"

But readers of this site know that there's a pathos behind our daily reasons to watch the NBA. We firmly believe that every team has a reason to watch, be it Al Jefferson and his ability so score in droves, or Devin Harris simply being faster than everyone else on the floor or the brutal efficiency of the Lakers.

At the same time, we won't sugarcoat things. There are reasons to watch bad basketball, but it's still bad basketball. And 14 teams won't be making the postseason and about three more teams won't deserve to. We'll be honest, but we'll be fair. Most of all, we hope we're entertaining.

All of the authors were given no instructions as to how to write their previews. Instead we wanted them to be as organic as possible.

And now, to avoid being any more meta, I leave you with this video.

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