Thursday, October 23, 2008

Frick. They Figured Out Doors, Now Political Formations. We're Doomed.

One of the essential problems I have whenever I ask for input from team bloggers is which Raptors blog to go to. I mean, sure, I can ask Skeets, but his Gmail is broken and he'll just make some quirky remark anyway. So I have to float between bloggers like AltRaps, the Arsenalist, and one of my absolute favorites but who posts infrequently on account of silly things like "work" and "making the means to live," Dinosty.

No longer.

They've evolved into something greater.

They've combined forces into the Raptors Republic.

I am positively terrified of the amount of Canadian basketball brainpower here. It's stunning.

I used to joke that Jurassic Park IV would feature the raptors learning to sing and dance, and they would be voiced by Billy Crystal and Jennifer Lopez. This is altogether more frightening.

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