Friday, October 3, 2008

Amare Stoudemire and Joakim Noah: Gemini Twins

Their paths are inextricably linked. One came into the league straight from high school and a troubled household, the other from one of the most successful college teams in recent memory and a family born of mild celebrity. One is an athletic, offensive dynamo, strong and undeniable, and the other is praised for his defensive commitment, hustle, and the awkwardness of his jumper.

It only makes sense at this point to declare Amare Stoudemire and Joakim Noah as inextricably linked. Not by blood. BY FATE. Amare and Joakim: Twins of the Gemini.

How else would you explain the freak eye injuries that befell the star cross'd two on the same day of camp? What, you honestly want me to believe that Boris Diaw was down there battling Amare and jabbed him in the eye? Without the influence of some supernatural force that simultaneously caused one of Noah's teammates to give him a good, swift poke as well? Simply not possible. Outside the realm of reasonability. Not within the five percent of probability that can be attributed to chance.

Oddly enough, the twins are only the beginning of a motley assortment of bizarre training camp injuries: Despite some early optimism from D'Antoni, Jared Jeffries proved that he'll be useless once and for all with a broken leg. Greg Oden may have had the most publicized rolled ankle of the post-Cold War era. Eric Gordon is out a few weeks with ankle problems of his own, Steve Blake is nursing his hammy back to health, and the Nuggets crippled their playoff chances by signing Juwan Howard.

Hmmm...I may just be a bit paranoid, but it seems that strange things are afoot at NBA training camps.

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