Tuesday, October 28, 2008


And now, I do a little dance.

For those of you new to our little game, everyday we do one reason to watch each game in the National Basketball Association. We believe the regular season is not only interesting, and relevant, and important, but vital and the joyblood of the sport.

We called it the Ball Movements for a while, but we're back where we started.

It's the 15 Footer. Square up, and let's do this thing.


To Be The Man, You've Got To Be Able To Limit Your Turnovers, Score, Get In Transition, And A Whole Lot Of Other Stuff Boston's Not Going To Let You Do:

Cleveland at Boston.

First game of the season. Doesn't matter. Still working the kinks out. Not a big deal.

Like hell it isn't!

You're talking about two teams that went blow for blow in a seven round bloodfest last year. You're talking about the defending champs looking to make a statement about how they haven't lost the fire just because the gold is on their fingers. You're talking about the King wanting to declare a new order with his newly acquired point guard. This is two playoff teams, on opening night, and it sets the tone. One teams starts the season with a loss to a playoff team, the other starts it with a win over a contender. Rondo versus Mo Williams may end up being the most interesting matchup here. Rondo struggled in the series last April with Gibson and West's speed. Williams is a more conventional point guard, but he's also a much better one.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Cavs frontcourt. I'm expecting this thing to collapse like a flan in a cupboard with Z getting older, Ben Wallace continuing to be a black hole of suckitude, and Varejao finding out more and more he's a one-flop pony. If the Boston bigs abuse them, it could start a trend that ends with Ferry trading one or more of them for another collection of player that you're not sure is actually better than what they gave away. Such is the circle of Ferry.

Gametime: 8PM EST on ESPN TNT.

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Via The Corndogg):

Bucks at Bulls.

... Well, unless you are a Bucks fan. A disgruntled trade piece, the draft bust of the year (and that was before he even inked his contract), a surly Michael Redd and an imploding front office. Oh, wait, what... they changed their front office? Well, it still sucks. FAIL. Meanwhile, down in Chicago, the troops couldn't be happier. No more Skiles and plenty DERRICK FREAKIN' ROSE. Hey, even Vinny Del Negro might be able to win a game or two with that kid running point. And, as well all know, this is the year that Tyrus Thomas becomes one of the Top 10 players in the league. Oh wait, what's that? They still have Larry Hughes and Ben Gordon? Del Negro is really their coach? That was supposed to be a joke. And they still want Luol Deng to be a super-duper star? Oh man, things are worse than we thought. But hey, at least its not winter yet in Chicago. Hope springs eternal... even when it comes an impotent geyser. Go get 'em boys, the future is yours!

(Ed. Note: This is the year of CNuv! I feel it!-Ed.)

Gametime: 8:30PM EST. WGN

Where The Hype Meets The Hardwood. Okay, More Like Where Experimental Rotations Meet The Hardwood, But Still!:

Portland at Los Angeles Lakers.

As Skeets would say, "Whoa Boy."

There is absolutely no excuse for you to not watch this game. None. I'm recording it and I may watch it ten times over the next week even if it's a snoozer. Bynum versus Oden in his debut. Kobe versus Roy. Farmer. Machine. Rudy. Sergio. Outlaw. Odom. Gasol. Aldridge. Good God, the matchups are making my mind invert itself.

Okay, let's talk Lake Show. I think Bynum is going to have an absolutely phenomenal game. Weird for the guy who's been second-guessing him, huh? I second-guessed people's premature glorification of him, but the scene is ripe for Bynum to just abuse people tonight. And that means Odom. If he's got his footwork and explosio back to working order, the Lakers are going to back to him hard and heavy. It'll be interesting to see who Kobe passes to when he drives and the defense collapses. Last year after Numbest went down he went to Gasol. And sometimes, a lot of times, Gasol mishandled the pass. Sometimes he'd get it back and still score. But it wasn't fluid. So we'll see if Kobe decides to make the Young Bynum his apprentice on their tear.

For the Blazers, they're going to need to try and slow this thing down as much as possible and attempt to hammer the Lakers in spurts with their bench. Moving Aldridge to the wing is a fascinating move, and we'll have to see if it helps to get Gasol out of the lane on defense. Aldridge is going to be key tonight. If he's silent, that means the Lakers have two weapons on Oden, and that's a lot for any rookie to bear. Meanwhile Roy has to be flawless tonight. He usually rises up against the Lakers, so I like his chances, but he has to be more than just a scorer. It's his turn to step up and lead like a veteran, because a lot of this team is young. Also, Rudy versus Machine may be the greatest thing we will ever see. Word to yo' mamma, this one's got drama.

Gametime: 10:30PM EST, ESPN.

We just got used to EVERYTHING being on ESPN. This means we get Inside the NBA tonight, too! Woohoo!

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