Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wait...You're Still Here?

Jamaal Tinsley was supposed to be traded to the Heat, the Warriors, or the Rochester Razorsharks by now. But he's not the only one suffering from a late-off-season no-man's-land of inactivity. His teammate and overall superior Danny Granger is bizarrely still unextended. Delonte West seems to be the odd man out in terms of an extension in Cleveland. World's best player evereverever Ben Gordon is still waiting for the Bulls to return his calls. Dikembe Mutumbo hasn't re-upped with Houston, meaning they've got a pretty sizeable backup hole in the middle of the championship aspirations. Bonzi Wells waits by his phone all day. Fred Jones has been nonexistent, despite being unrestricted. Damon Stoudamire hasn't gotten much interest either.

We're well beyond the draft, the free agent rush and trucked through mini-trade season, and now team officials want to sit on the beach, sip Appletinis, and eat bon bons, I guess. I can understand why Bonzi Wells doesn't have a lot of interest. He's been a malcontent for awhile, is frequently out of shape, and could cause some locker room problems for an impressionable team. But why is Deke standing pat? Why hasn't Fred Jones gotten a call? (I'm looking at you, Warriors...have you even looked at who you're bringing to camp recently, or do you just pick up these players for fun?) It's one thing for Ben Gordon to be stalemated, because he should be getting much more money than he's asking for (obviously), but the strange inactivity among teams like the Pacers should be making fans nervous, despite what you read on the internet. Yes, Granger will get an extension at some point. But by not working it out now, you risk alienating him or his performance being affected by contract woes. And with Tinsley, the team already has T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack. There aren't going to be minutes to be had for a straggler, and keeping Tinsley on the team yet on the bench seems like a ticking time bomb.

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