Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Surprisingly Thorough Discussion of Christopher Quinn.

I'm so proud of Rob! His first post on HP to get absolutely shredded by a great team blogger! I'm sure he gets into riffs all the time at his own joint, but it's not every day that we get targeted! I love getting torched over Chris Quinn! That's why I started this blog in the first place!

Anyway, thought I'd clear up my own thoughts on the Quinn signing, in response to Greg over at PiM just for kicks. 45 days, people. 45 days.

Okay, so first off, just to clarify, Rob, just like every other writer on this little group of bandits we've got ridin' round here, has full editorial control. I don't censor what they say outside of keeping the curse words bl*pped and making sure we all hate Vince Carter. And even that I'm sure I'll eventually bend on. I brought on the guy that writes Respect Kobe, for God's sake. So that means every now and again Rob will say stuff I don't agree with. Much like about 98% of what comes out of Corn's head. Like Andre Iguodala being in a perfect situation next year, or a few weeks ago when he told me Clemson was one of his picks in our bet on who would make it to the national title game. So while I support Rob unabashedly, I don't always agree. I think he made his point with the usual HP snark and zing, but I'm actually kind of a Chris Quinn guy. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Just to clarify on Ahearn, I think both guys deserve a roster spot. Then again, it doesn't really matter the circumstances, I'm going to say Ahearn deserves the spot. I'm a D-League mark. It's in my blood, and the kid went to school about an hour from my hometown. We likely passed each other on trips home during college. But Chris Quinn is a lot more important to the Heat than Ahearn. Ahearn's a shooter, and a pure one at that. He's plugging away at improving his point game, but at heart, he's a spot up scorer. Quinn on the other hand is a true point, and that's something you don't find that often. Throw in his age, and that alone makes him more than valuable than Ahearn, though Ahearn's young too.

Part of it is that I'm conditioned to sub-par basketball through watching the D-League. I don't pretend I have some deeper love of basketball because I'm able to appreciate Summer League play and other exhibitions that leave scouts and especially reporters spewing bored vitriol about the level of play. It's just that I'm conditioned to it. I even like it. I like turnover prone, flawed basketball, because there's something so much more organic about it than a 7 turnover Spurs game. The reason I mention this is that I watched quite a few Heat games towards the end of the season and I have to tell you, I enjoyed them. I mean, they were horrid, don't get me wrong. But towards the end, they started to play together in spots. With Powell, Lasme, Quinn, Ahearn, and Mark Blount of all people. So I noticed Quinn's speed. And I got an attachment for him. I mean, don't get me wrong. He's goofy as hell and sometimes his inability to make key plays is so desperately vacant it's abhorrent, like some sort of big play vaccuum, but overall, he played solid and most importantly, he played consistently and with intensity which is hard in such a losing campaign.

The story gets better when you look at Quinn's key numbers when you look at point guards. In roughly 20 minutes, 3 assists to .9 turnovers? That's good stuff. You get me 3 to 1 Assist to Turnover ratio, I give you props.

I will say he's not worth the money. This team needs significant upgrades at several positions, and it's not like people were beating down Quinn's door to get a workout from the kid. You can make the "oh, it's not my money" line, but that's a central tenant to the writers here at HP, one we all agree on. We're okay with paying millions for a player, but you better be worth it. Bad contracts are against the party line because it leads to bad things like inflation, and Ricky Davis' career, and, you know, Zach Randolph. Every million counts towards the cap.

Finally, the big issue is that the Heat have been so phenomenally passive in obtaining both center and point guard depth. They have basically been cruising with the hodge podge, adding pieces like Quinn and trying to convince people it's going to be okay. And all this is fine, as long as Riley actually does what everyone thinks he's going to do, which is make a trade. If Banks is trade fodder, and you wanted a guy with experience in the system to back up Chalmers and an addition (like Delonte West, please? Can has West to Beasley, yes?), then cool. But if you spent $2 million to go into the fray with Smokey the Rookie Bandit, the human trade kicker Banks, and Wonderbread here? Yikes and zoinks, Scooby.

All in all, we'll have to see if Quinn can put in bigger minutes while Chalmers learns the ropes, and what Riley does with the "Get Out of Roster Troubles Free" Card that is Shawn Marion.

As for Rob and Greg... is that all you got? Seriously? No flame wars? No calling each other an idiot? No FOMG U Suck? What's a guy got to do to get some baseless arguing around here? Oh, I know. Criticize Kobe. Right. I'll get back to that.

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