Monday, September 8, 2008

The Revolution Will Be Televised on NBATV

We've been pretty vocal about slamming NBA national television programming when they've done poorly, and we've tried to be equally supportive about their recent improvement.

Well, today, NBA Anonymous Figures Towering Over The Television Schedules, we tip our hat to you. Because this is freaking genius.

We already loved NBATV, just for the wider variety of teams featured. But now to let teams vote for the best games? Corn's first concern was that this would only lead to more Lakers games. But all the local broadcasts won't affect this, so Lakers fans won't vote, hopefully. Meanwhile, general NBA fans like myself and so many others, can vote on who to watch. So if there's a huge game with playoff implications between two teams on the cusp late in the season, we can vote for it. If there's a massive trade, we can make sure it's on NBATV. Granted, the diehards still have League Pass (hallowed be thy name), but this does help people that can't afford League Pass. Awesome, awesome move, NBA. Standing ovation for you.

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