Thursday, September 25, 2008

MJ Does Houston a Favor

And no, I'm not talking about taking a few years off so the Rockets could nab some rings.

The Bobcats signed Carl Landry to a 3-year, $9 million offer sheet. But the whole situation just reeks of weird. Not that Landry isn't good, because he obviously has great command over a skill that is highly valued in the league. And the $3 million per is probably slightly higher than the "reasonable offer" from Houston that Landry has mulling over for awhile, so I can definitely understand why he would be on board. But from the 'Cats perspective, is the gamble even worth it? Or the real question: is there any chance at all that the Rockets don't match? Probably not.

Walking another mile in Jordan's very, very expensive shoes: is the whole ordeal worth it for a player that doesn't actually fit all that well with the rest of the roster? Charlotte needs a big man, that much is true. And I'm sure it would help us all sleep more soundly at night knowing that Gerald Wallace isn't a concussion waiting to happen at power forward. But isn't it clear at this point that playing Emeka at center is not the answer (and it's not like playing Landry at center is any better)? Sure, paying Landry to grab boards makes a hell of a lot more sense than paying Sean May to grab eclairs, and the Bobcats seem to understand that (I don't think there could be a bigger vote of no confidence in May's recovery than this). Regardless, that's not exactly an option at this point. Instead, we'll get to watch May stuff bear claws into his mouth by the handful on the bench and watch Landry churn out bloated PER year after year for a contender. This charade is a cute one from the GoAT, but seems eerily similar to the Varejao dance last summer -- a move that left the Cavs with all the benefits and the Bobcats with nothing but a pat on the back from another GM.

All in all though, it could be worse: they could've drafted Adam Morrison third overall signed Charles Oakley to a ten year elvendy billion dollar contract like Mike probably wanted to...what? They need a veteran presence!

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