Thursday, September 4, 2008

From Zero To Batsh*t In 2.4 Seconds

Oh, Crazy Pills. Our first reaction was disappointment. That's it? Just the logo? No shaven image of you riding a rocket into the heart of Texas like it's Dr. Strangelove? No snake eggs being launched into outer space, far away from you? No weapon emblazoned on your skull to show that you're still from where you say you're from?

But then we realized there were only two conclusions. Either all this means is that your behavior in the industrial complex known as Houston will have to be so outlandish that you don't need such head ornamentation to make a statement... or the other side of your head has something insane shaved in it! We anxiously await the finale.

Seriously, though. The best part about this isn't that he shaved the new logo into his skull, it's that we all knew he was going to. You actually expect a human being to shave a logo into his skull. This is Crazy Pills' world, and we're all just hunting snake eggs in it.

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