Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Day Gil's Career Stood Still

First, a foreword from one Matt Moore:

Dear Gil, kindly quit f*cking up everyone's hopes and dreams that you will someday actually play basketball instead of talk about basketball. Otherwise, I'm giving Caron the go-ahead for the old slice and dice, if you know what I'm saying. Peace.

I want to commence this post by saying that this sucks. Look, as much as I love Gil blogging about rehab, video games, video games, and video games, I think I'm just as antsy as Moore to see him hit the hardwood. Yeah, he was there for the playoffs, but he wasn't really all there. Not that Gil's ever really all there, but you know what I mean.

No, he's not out for the season. But missing training camp and the opening month (or two...don't forget that these medical predictions are more often optimistic than not) can seriously hinder Zero's chances of putting together a successful season not only for himself, but for the Wiz. Those in D.C. fancy themselves contenders, and they've definitely got some talent. But with no Arenas to start the season and then adapting on the fly to fit him into the rotation...I'm not saying they don't have time to make it work, but it certainly doesn't help their chances in an Eastern Conference that's looking nice and tough.

So get well soon, Mr. Arenas. Not only because the Wizards need you, but...bec...because I need you. complete me.

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