Sunday, September 7, 2008

Allan Houston's Post-Mortem Comeback

As if the Knicks didn't have enough problems. Allan Houston has decided to attempt his 59th comeback with New York in an effort to keep up with his grandkids, play out what little time he has left, and quote-unquote "finish what he started."

At this point, Houston offers very little in terms of on-court production. He's not good enough defensively to stay on the court (even for D'Antoni), and who knows if he can even shoot anymore. On the bright side, he may be able to lead the league in knee injuries.

But it needs to be said that Houston could go a long way in re-establishing some professionalism and veteran savvy in this young, misguided Knicks club. The only calming veteran force in the locker room with his head on straight is Malik Rose, and considering he's probably outweighed by Randolph, Curry, and Starbury aka The Mothership aka Hollaback. Oh, but there's that one little teensy weensy problem that the Knicks roster already has 17 players listed who may actually be able to contribute (well, maybe except for Jerome James...and maybe Mardy Collins...and,*t). Obviously not all of those pieces are going to be able to suit up in the Garden this season, so bringing on an aging formerly-sharp-but-probably-pretty-dull-now shooter doesn't make much sense from a basketball standpoint.

But good luck anyways, Allan. Have a blast, and enjoy your two weeks worth of Knicks workout gear (and free Gatorade)!

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