Friday, August 22, 2008

Your Patently Ridiculous NBA Story Of The Day

Let's start with the headline, shall we?

"Raptor Visits Wal-Mart"

It sounds like a bad episode of Dinosaurs, does it not? I mean, really, if you've just landed in a modern era after being extinct for several million years, wouldn't you probably go somewhere else? Do you really want all the fat that's going to come from a meal at Wal-Mart?

Okay, so it's for charity, that's cool, we're down with that. Oh, and they're bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy. Cool. So it's one of the Celtics. Like Cassell. I mean, he's an alien, not a Raptor, but that makes sense, right? Maybe KG? He's very dinosaur like.

"Jason Kapono..."
What the f*ck?

Why is Jason Kapono going to a Langley Wal-Mart with the Larry O'Brien trophy? Do you realize this means Jason Kapono gets to touch the most sacred trophy in basketball? The same trophy (well, not same, but figuratively) that MJ kissed? Why? What sense does this make? I understand he was on the 06 Heat Squad, but really? Really? He's just hanging out with it?

Canada, you are messed up.

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